In 2010, Dowsing began as a quartet relying on a healthy dose of emo narratives and indie pop musicianship. After the digital self-release of their debut EP, All I Could Find Was You, Dowsing signed with Michigan Emo label Count Your Lucky Stars Records. Though mostly the brainchild of singer/songwriter Erik Hunter Czaja, Dowsing has since become a collaborative effort that calls for each members instruments simple motifs in order to capture the spirit of heartbreak and day to day happenings of Czaja’s lyrics. Dowsing’s line-up may have waxed and waned over their three year existence, but the group continues to deliver a consistent stream of self-defining releases each year. With their newest LP, I Don’t Even Care Anymore, Dowsing has breathed new light into their signature pop sound creating a strikingly moody atmosphere.